Detail of ‘Hollower’, Etching

Detail of ‘Hollower’, Etching

“My obsession with puppets started when I read about Zuni Maud in 1920s Yiddish New York, who co-founded the 'Modicut Theatre'. He used puppets, traditionally a gentile medium, and infused them with Yiddish Folktales and left wing political satire.

My puppets, or 'golems' aren't about outwardly political. But they are about people and ideas, and elevating the experiences of Jewish women, so in this way they are my own personal radicalism. And through making, arranging and drawing them, I perform interpretations of our stories.

The editioning process of printmaking, which allows one to many identical prints, is an art form that can be shared, given away, and passed on. It has no original template, save for the plate or stone, on which the image is eventually washed away or destroyed, but lives on within the edition. This is reminiscent of the idea of 'Jewishness' or 'the woman of valour' itself, an older generation leaving this world, only to leave an edition of ideas. ”

Liorah Tchiprout b. 1992 is an artist and printmaker based in London.

She studied Fine Art Printmaking at University of Brighton, graduating in 2016, with a semester spent at Bezalel School of Art and Design, Jerusalem. In 2018 she trained as a print technician at London Print Studio. She is currently in her first year of her MA in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art, London.

She has previously shown at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair. She currently shows work with GX Gallery, For Arts Sake and Greenwich Printmakers Gallery.

She also co-founded the Printmakers collective Printmakers, Heartbreakers with fellow printmaker Luke Wade.

From 6th March she will run Life Drawing sessions at London Print Studio every Wednesday evening. Click here for more information and to book.